Ron Martinez (Lower Class Brats / Final Conflict) gets in depth about his top 10 of 2020.

HENRIK PALM – Poverty Metal
My #1 pick of the year.  Imagine early Siouxie and the Banshees jamming with Voivod, Swans with Syd Barret producing. This LP hasn’t left my turntable for weeks. I wish I could write songs this daring.
Blows my mind every time I play it.

MIDNIGHT – Rebirth by Blasphemy
Might be their best LP yet. Riffs galore and more punk influenced than any of their previous releases. This will be the perfect soundtrack to a tailgate party outside the Forum when we’re allowed to see concerts again. Air guitar in one hand and a PBR in the other..

MR. BUNGLE – Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo
Who reunites their first band to re-record their first demo 30 years after the fact??  Mike Patton, thats who!! And it’s an absolute gem. This is PRIME thrash. A thousand times more furious and intense than bands half their age.

NECROT – Mortal
The best death metal band in the US. Listen and you’ll agree.

TOMBS – Under Sullen Skies
I’ve been a long time fan of this band. Combining elements of Nuerosis, Celtic Frost and Killing Joke and creating a whole new beast to themselves. Tombs have always made solid records, however this new LP could be their crowning glory. It’s epic.

X – Alphabetland
Comeback of the decade.  This does not sound like a record made by people old enough to be your grandparents. It’s raw and rocks. Proving they are still one of LA’s (if not America’s) greatest bands EVER. Goddam great.

THE DROWNS – Under Tension
Combine The Templars, Against Me and Swingin’ Utters and you got The Drowns..  Black Lung is one of my favorite songs of the 2020. Can’t stop playing it.

LOUD NIGHT – Mindnumbing Pleasure
Motorhead, Gism and Discharge get into a bar fight in Richmond VA and the result is Loud Night. The perfect soundtrack to tear down confederate soldier statues to.

NAPALM DEATH – Throes of Joy…..
30 years on and these guys may have released their finest LP yet..  wow.

SEIZED UP – Brace Yourself
Lifer punks from legit bands like Blast! and Good Riddance form a band to unleash some 80’s style hardcore and it rages.  I expected it to be good, but this is better.