John Crerar of Stalag 13 gets into his Top 10 of 2020 with Programme

Be Well – The Weight & Cost

I was super into Battery-Until The End, it’s still one of my favorite hardcore records, so when I heard about Be Well, I had to check it out & it blew away any expectations. The lyrics, the riffs, the way Brian’s voice slightly cracks, I love everything about this. It’s a melodic hardcore record,  that spoke to me in a way I haven’t felt on a long time.

Gultch – Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress

These guys had a lot of hype before I checked it out, and happy to say they lived up to it. Hitting all the brutal feels I need when listening to aggressive music. Hope to see them play when there are shows again.

The Psychedelic Furs – Made Of Rain

First new Furs record in almost 30 years and it sounds like it could have came out in the 80’s. It was on repeat for all of August.

The Aquabats – Kooky Spooky…In Stereo

I spend a lot of time w/ my 5 year old daughter. I never try and force music on her, but I took her to see them a year ago, and she’s been hooked ever since. We’ve listened to this almost every day since it’s been out. It’s less ska punk and just kind of zany, poppy, silly rock w/ a slight ska/reggae  vibe. Do I ever listen to it w/ out my 5 year old, NO. Do I wake up singing these songs in my head, almost everyday.

Ötzi- Storm

Fun post-punky band from Oakland. Gives me big Riot Grrrl feels, but with a hard post-punk edge. Like if Tiger Trap or Excuse 17 played post-punk. Highly recommended for post-punk &/or riot grrrl fans.

Mystic Priestess – PTP Session

More great deathrock from the Bay Area, but with a slightly  more punk edge. Has a spooky but pissed off vibe that I really dig.

Strike Anywhere – Nightmares Of The West

So stoked on this EP, hearing Thomas’s vocals always puts me in a good mood. It’s Strike Anywhere doing what they do & it’s super good!

Seized Up – Braced Up

What a great surprise, Chuck from Good Riddance, Clifford from BL’AST, & Andy from Nerve Agents, playing a kind of Hot Snakes meets Black Flag mix up that rules!!

Nardcore For Life Compilation

This is a great compilation not only because 3 of my bands are on it 🙂 but it shows the diverse scene we have here in the 805 and is a great representation of the bands that would have been playing in town if we were able to have shows this year.

NOFX/Frank Turner  – West Coast Vs Wessex

This is just a fun record, hearing NOFX songs done Frank Turner style & NOFX doing FT’s songs is great, if your a fan of either one them, you should check this out. If you don’t like either one, then you will hate this.